ABK Private Banking

Preferred Banking

  • Prestige Account for customers with a minimum salary of KWD 1
  • 000 or a minimum deposit if KWD 25
  • 000

ABK Discussion

  • Q: Sir I am working for a company in Kuwait for last 18 months..... my basic salary is75 kd ..... but with double duty I am now receiving an amount of 150 kd from last 16 months onwards.... is there any way for me for applying a loan of 1000 kd?

    Reply Madhu devadas from Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Q: I have a Knet account to ABK under my name from my business...My question is AM I INTITLE TO APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD?

    Reply Melinda from Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Q: How to check current loan status?

    Reply Mary Grace from Kuwait
  • Q: Hi sir, I would like to open a new account. My salary is 750kd per month. Also i would like to know how loan i can avail and the intrest rate for repayment.

    Reply Bijo from Kuwait City, Kuwait

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